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Vicki Grace Boguszewski, MPH
Key West, Florida

Vicki earnerd her Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. It is there where she met the Sky Yoga teachers. After studying with the Sky Yoga teachers through a course at Temple, Vicki became aware that the location of the Sky Yoga School was in the off-campus neighborhood where she lived and worked. Dr. Pratap, founder of Sky Yoga, also founded the Yoga Research Society (YRS) at Jefferson University in Philadelphia and hosts two annual conferences there.

After graduation, Vicki relocated to Key West with a few intentions and a vivid fascination. She continues her practices as instructed through Dr. Pratap and the Sky Yoga teachers, attending the annual conferences whenever possible. 2015 marked the 41st YRS Annual Yoga Research Society Conference. It's theme was, "Open Mind". Vicki was grateful to attend the conference and share in the experience with her fellows.

Vicki earned her Masters of Public Health (MPH) from Florida International University and began blogging as Yogi In Ya during a 2012 graduate internship with the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County. During this time the business plan for post-graduation was expected and an outline for an independent consulting practice was developed out of a long history of public health related volunteerism and activism. Upon receiving her MPH, Vicki also became certified as a health education specialist, (CHES, #19569).

She earned her first independent grant three years later and implemented Yogi In Ya Consulting's business plan. The practice offers assessments, evaluations, strategic planning, branding, program coordination, and research & analysis directed toward optimizing service capacity, adapting to challenges, and leveraging resources to support healthy families in sustainable communities.

The first Yogi In Ya project predates the business plan. In 2008 a Yoga Program was implemented at the "Just for Kids Summer Art Camp" in Key West. Sessions at the camp included Art related Yoga practices, such as chakra posters and role play drama using moral observances from yogic teachings, as well as chanting, postures (asanas), and breathing exercises (prana). All activities are now offered to adults and may also include nutritional and lifestyle coaching.

Organizational consulting focuses primarily on projects within a well-defined scope of work and include tailored products to promote and support holistic success such as: program development and implementation, grant writing, proposal development, public speaking and guest lecture events. 


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